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1985 – The annual match between Malaysia and Singapore started . This social gathering of chess players from the two countries dated back to 1985 when the first match was hosted in Kuala Lumpur by the Malaysian Chess Federation.

At that time, the match was played over only 20 boards. The victor was the Singaporean team which notched a 21 1/2-18 1/2 win over their Malaysian counterpart. 1985 Peter Long and Francis Chin won the National Closed Championship

1985 Audrey Wong Su Yi (right) , MAS was the winner of the Asian Girls U-20 1985 Championship. She was Malaysian first Woman International Master (WIM). Back in June 1985, Wong was in uncharted waters when she set out for Adelaide, Australia. As the national women’s champion then, she represented the country at the Asian under-20 girls’ chess championship. It was a 13-round event with chess players from around Asia taking part.

Wong astounded the field with a flying start that saw her score a perfect 10. Ten points from the first 10 games. She was on course to win the championship. However, she then faltered and, eventually, finished the tournament with 11.5 points.

Another player – Abhyankar Anupama from India – also scored 11.5 points.

Both players tied for first place in the tournament.

Florencio Campomanes – who was then the Fide president – decided that both players would be the co-champions and be given the titles. That’s how Wong returned to Malaysia triumphantly with her WIM title.
source and photo from
Quah Seng Sun

1985 Interzonal Tournament were held at Genting Highlands.

1985-1986?  Peter Long give a record braking local simul - 50 boards at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi.  Peter he lost 12 games, draw a couple of games.
Source: Chess Malaysia by IM Jimmy Liew

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