Monday, December 20, 2010

Malay Chess 1896


The Straits Times, 2 October 1896, Page 3

 Malay Chess

In July, the District magistrate of Kuala Kangsar, commenced and brought to a conclusion a chess tournament among the Malays in the different mukims  there. They were devuded into two clasess, riz., those who considered themselves adept, and those who did not. There were 32 entries for the prizes, amounting to $30. It was surprising the amount of interest the Malays all over the district took in it. He proposed to hold one every six months. The Dato Sri Andika Raja and Raja Ngah Petra won the first and second prizes in the adept class, a deaf and dumb malay got into semi-final. In the novices class two small boys from Kota Lama won the prizes, greatly to the delight of the onlookers, beating, as they did, several elderly Malays, who were very much baffled.