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1978 GOODWILL TOUR OF CHINA, 1-16 April 1978

People's Republic of China had applied to join the World Chess Federation in 1974 and their application sponsored by Malaysian Chess Federation - accepted at the FIDE Bureau Meeting in Penang . China invite Malaysian Chess Federation to send an official delegation for a playing tour of China and it all happen on 1978 . Full story here

1978 Mohd Noor Yahya, MSSM Chess Champion

1978 4th ASIAN Gandmaster Chess Circuit, 5-22 Jun 1978

Fourth leg of the first Asian grandmaster chess circuit

The Penang Chess Association's second chance to hold an international tournament came in 1978 when the fourth leg of the first Asian grandmaster chess circuit was played at the Dewan Sri Pinang from 5-22 June. This event was organised jointly with the Penang State Government and on behalf of the Malaysian Chess Federation.

1978, Malaysian play China in a goodwill tour of China. It came at a time when China was still very isolated from the rest of the world .

1978 Malaysia participated at the 23rd Chess Olympiad: Buenos Aires 1978

Men Category

Players : 1.Tan Bian Huat ,2.Woo Beng Keong ,3.Christi Hon Kah Seng ,4.Jimmy Liew Chee Meng ,5.Foo Lum Choon , 6.Laurence How

Seeded : . Placing : 57 / 65

1978 - Christi Hon won National Championship

1978 - The 1st Malay Open (Kejohanan Catur Melayu Malaysia) was organized by Persekutuan Catur Melayu Malaysia (PCMM)

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